Surveying the camp-trailer landscape, we saw an ocean of 'plastic boxes
on wheels'.  At sea, yachtsmen refer to boats like these as "bleach bottles".
Whether on land or sea, these kind of vessels have the effect of stripping away
the beauty of nature by their insensitive disregard, leaving only the bare bones
of function.
Woodwind Caravans is a company dedicated to offering a more organic,
more compassionate alternative.  An alternative more in tune with
nature's quiet calling.  Can you hear the call?
If so . . . give us a call!
Gordon Kyle
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Why did the dinosaurs become extinct?
Why do caterpillars become beautiful butterflies?
Why do our spirits lift with every sunrise?
There is an essential harmony to the rhythms of life.
WoodWind Caravans was conceived with the notion
that to truly know the beauty and wonder of nature
you must 'become one' with nature.
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